Tbird2 Awards Aviation Scholarship to Pima Community College Student

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Kathryn Pena

Scottsdale, AZ (September 21, 2021) – Thunderbird Field II Veterans Memorial, Inc. (“Tbird2″) announced it has awarded an Aviation Scholarship to Kathryn Pena, a Pima Community College student pursuing her degree as an Associate of Applied Science in Aircraft Powerplant Mechanics.

Before enrolling in the PCC aviation program, Ms. Pena received her paramedic and EMT certifications from PCC. Although being a paramedic was her dream job, she decided to make a professional career change in order to spend more time with her family.  She always had a passion for aviation as her grandfather retired from the U.S. Air Force as an aviation technician.  Ms. Pena has already earned a Certificate for Aircraft General Mechanics, a Certificate for Aircraft Airframe Mechanics, and an Associate of Applied Science in Aviation Technology. Once she completes her Aircraft Powerplant Mechanics degree, her career goal is to be an aviation mechanic or aircraft structures, technician.

Brey Mitchell, Avionics Instructor, PCC, commented, “There are people we come across in life that exude motivation and determination in everything they do. Kathryn is one of those people. From the moment she started this program, her tremendous tenacity for learning was apparent. Earning her place here while starting a business and taking care of her family was no walk in the park and we applaud her effort and dedication. I can speak for everyone here at the Aviation Technology Center when I say there is no doubt that she deserved this scholarship. I am eager to see how she applies for her hard work in her future endeavors to be the best aviation technician she can be.”

Steve Ziomek, Chairman and President of Tbird2, said, “Kathryn exemplifies the type of individual worthy of receiving a Tbird2 scholarship.  Not only has she successfully pursued two aviation certifications with a 3.77 GPA, but as a first responder she has developed the critical thinking necessary to succeed in any environment.”

Rudy R. Miller, Chairman of the Advisory Board and Scholarship Committee, stated, “When I interviewed Kathryn, I immediately had a strong connection with her background, as I too had served as a first responder–fireman and trained by the U.S. Army as a medic. Kathryn also shared with me that she obtained her pilot’s license at age 22. I admire her accomplishments to date, her devotion to duty, family, and service to her community.  I welcome Kathryn as a deserving member of Tbird2 Aviation Scholarship awardees!”

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